Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Rooms

A unique alternative to wallpaper and paint is fabric. It adds texture and personality to a living room and is an excellent choice for accent walls. To create a textured effect, start by adorning one wall with fabric. Using full fabric wall decor on your living room can make the room appear weighed down. Choose lightweight fabrics instead of thick ones. Alternatively, you can use frames containing fabric parts. These are more affordable and are easy to change, too.

Another creative wall decoration for a living room is a wooden panel canvases. DIY enthusiasts can make these or buy them from online stores. Framed pictures or abstract artwork will look great on wall shelves. For green thumbs, consider displaying your growing succulents and adding plant wall displays. Adding plants to walls is an excellent way to improve the air quality in the room. They can even look great on display in a picture frame.

A simple and inexpensive way to add personal touches to your living room is by hanging up pictures of family members or holiday memories. This can be a formal gallery wall or a relaxed collection of family photographs. You can also make your own wall decorations by cutting paper and arranging it in frames of different sizes. Or, you can make a large mural by hanging several small pictures on the wall above the sofa and the fireplace. If you are looking for a more modern option, you can choose black and white photos and frame them in a different colour.

Artwork is a great way to change the tone of a room. If your room is neutral, choose playful paintings to break the monotony. Choose geometric designs to give it a contemporary look, or soft floral patterns to add warmth. Remember that colors are important, too, so you can choose a wall decor idea that compliments the rest of the room. Alternatively, you can use flowers and plants in the same hue to create a stunning and sophisticated look.

Using a painting or sculpture on the wall is another option for accentuating the living room. A large painting will make a powerful statement, so be sure to go for a large piece. Framed art can create a depth to the room and add interest to the living room. Once you’ve found a suitable artwork, you’re ready to hang it on the wall. For those who love to decorate their walls with artwork or photographs, consider combining the two.

A single large artwork, a pair of small table lamps or a single sculptural wall accent on one side of the wall can liven up a dull wall area. It will make the room feel more contemporary and fresh if you opt for two large pieces of art. The bolder the art, the more impactful it will make on the rest of the room. For those who are not fond of bold art pieces, consider adding a tall potted plant on the opposite side of a large painting.

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