The Art of Accessorizing – Elevating Your Living Room Decor

Accessories make an important statement. They can elevate an otherwise plain look into something truly memorable and help express your individuality through fashion.

By mixing styles, incorporating texture and adding color, your living room can reflect both your design taste and personal aesthetic. In this article we’ll look at how accessorizing can add the finishing touches to give it its unique character.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are the ideal way to inject personality and visual interest into a room, whether they’re colorful accent chairs or large art installations – anything designed to stand out is sure to become the focal point.

For a dramatic fashion statement, incorporate outerwear-inspired decor into your living space. A decorative pillow or throw blanket featuring faux fur or leather details can add style and sophistication. Or consider investing in chandeliers and pendant lights featuring designs inspired by outerwear fashion that instantly stand out as conversation starters; additionally they work to complement existing color schemes while becoming conversation starters themselves.


Layering fabrics, wallpaper, furniture or accent pieces to create an arresting design landscape can be done through fabrics, wallpaper, furniture or accent pieces – however it must be done carefully so as to not create a chaotic or disorganized appearance.

Finding an appropriate color palette is the first step, then adding elements of it throughout the space will elevate it further. This approach works especially well when used for smaller details like vases, throw blankets, greenery or books.

Layering allows you to express yourself and infuse each space with personality. Do this by mixing styles and eras, as seen here with Nina Magon’s space design – adding pops of deep jewel hue to neutral sofas can instantly elevate their design!


Texture plays an integral part in making home improvements stand out, drawing the eye and stimulating brain activity with objects with texture. Our minds tend to gravitate toward objects with texture.

Add texture with grasscloth, beadboard or faux brick wall coverings to add depth. Or find furniture pieces made of materials such as woven bamboo, rattan and rough wood to complete the effect.

Remember to layer and group your accessories. Too many accessories scattered about can look disorganized. Grouping similar items together helps them make more of an impact and gives the illusion of being part of an impressive collection – for instance a group of vases will stand out more than a single vase by itself.


Color plays an essential part in accessorizing any living room; setting the atmosphere with elegance and sophistication as well as adding personality and personality are two hallmarks of its importance.

An elegant living room design can benefit from using neutral color palettes like brown to create a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Light brown can create a welcoming environment while dark hues can add drama and depth.

Deep jewel tones can instantly elevate a living room. For example, adding an eye-catching green accent chair into an otherwise neutral room will instantly bring an injection of color that draws people’s eyes. Accessories offer an easy way to express yourself and showcase your personal style!


Unleash your inner fashionista and create an eye-catching look with accessories that exude luxury. From statement jewelry to luxurious area rugs, these items have the power to elevate your style and make an impressive fashion statement.

Add a luxurious element to your living room decor for added depth and character, as well as to showcase your individual taste and style.

Staying true to yourself when accessorizing is of utmost importance when accessorizing. Don’t let trends dictate your look; let your personal style shine through in pieces that reflect you and reflect who you are as an individual. Be bold enough to experiment and try on different styles until you find one that speaks to you!

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