Minimalist Bathroom Storage Solutions

Minimalism in the bathroom requires smart storage solutions that keep countertops, medicine cabinets and shelves clutter-free. Achieve this look starts by clearing away expired beauty products and extra towels from counters, cabinets and shelves.

Minimalist bathroom storage ideas include a vanity with drawers or shelves, under-sink cabinetry, and built-in recessed shelving to hide items away out of sight. Decor that doubles up as towel racks like ladders also help create a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Wall-mounted vanities

Wall-mounted vanities offer an innovative look perfect for minimalist bathroom designs while taking up less floor space. Plus, their reduced footprint makes cleaning much simpler as you can vacuum or mop directly underneath them.

A slim utility cart from IKEA makes for excellent bathroom storage, featuring a lower shelf for towels and two upper trays capable of holding face products, cotton balls, or even potted plants. Lexi Grace Design has utilized such storage in multiple bathrooms – an alternative to an overstuffed apothecary cabinet!

Wall-mounted double vanities, commonly referred to as floating vanities, can help your clients create an elegant modern appearance in their powder room or master bath. They provide ample counter space for grooming as well as stylish display of art or scented candles – and because they do not touch the floor they are less vulnerable to water damage than cabinets resting on toe-kicks.

Open shelving

If you prefer a sleeker aesthetic, open shelving may be the answer to a minimalist bathroom storage solution. Not only will this option add visual interest, it allows for the display of items typically hidden behind doors or panels (such as beauty products and styling tools). Just be sure that you choose shelves and brackets which can withstand heavy use – renters may also find plenty of smart minimalist bathroom storage solutions that help them keep surfaces clear without risking damage to walls or floors such as over-the-toilet shelves and freestanding shelves.

Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper” famously incorporates open shelving into many of her rustic farmhouse designs, displaying visually pleasing kitchen wares and decorative pieces on open shelving units. To avoid your open shelves from becoming disorganized or looking cluttered, group similar items by color or theme to maintain an organized appearance or hang an attractive set of baskets on the wall as a convenient storage solution for lotions, eucalyptus salts or hand soaps.


Minimalist bathrooms focus on organizing clutter while maintaining an appealing aesthetic, by eliminating visual distractions and concealing storage solutions when possible.

There are multiple solutions for keeping toiletries hidden. From vanity cabinets with built-in drawers and shelves to recessed medicine cabinets, there are multiple solutions that can keep toiletries out of sight.

Add an apothecary-style touch to your minimalist bathroom design by including glass jars in a way that keeps bobby pins, cotton swabs and other small items organized on counters. These storage solutions will also keep bobby pins safe.

if your space requires additional storage solutions, consider adding a shelving unit to your room. Tall and simple shelving are classic components of minimalist bathrooms and can help organize towels, beauty products and more.

Plants and greenery

Minimalist bathrooms needn’t feel cold and clinical. By adding subtle touches of warmth, a minimalist space becomes livable. A shag or patterned rug adds texture and comfort without discordant the clean lines of minimalist design.

Another way to add warmth is with plants and greenery. By including succulents, ferns, or any low maintenance plants like the ones designed by Bethany Adams Interiors you’ll bring natural beauty and pops of color that won’t overtake the room. Or try hanging planters such as these by Bethany Adams Interiors which not only elevate decor but keep bathroom items like toilet paper and towels organized!

Smart storage solutions are essential to creating a minimalist design aesthetic. Look for items that serve multiple functions, like modular shelving systems that serve both decor and as hidden storage for personal care products like hot tools and spare toilet paper rolls. Or opt for a bathroom vanity equipped with drawers and cabinets for creating custom storage solutions that blend in with the rest of your minimalist design aesthetic.

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